Aligning business objectives with individual compensation schemes can be very powerful in any business. Traditionally, C&B outputs are often calculated using internally developed systems that tend to be complex and lack transparency. Finding and rewarding the right people, in a balanced way, using relevant performance indicators can be challenging in any organization.

With Gladstone you will get the expertise from global modern HR, combined with the flexibility and agility that you can only expect from a smaller company. Regardless of your ambitions, Gladstone can provide you with the business driven and cost-efficient results you are looking for. We will not sell you another laborious process; we will provide you with a balanced and sustainable framework for your C&B programme. And before we leave, we will document our work, and assist in securing stakeholder buy-in and internal communications.

Current offering

  • Reward Strategy and Remuneration principles
  • Pay practice
  • Salary ranges
  • Salary reviews
  • Equal Pay analysis
  • Short Term incentive schemes
  • Long Term incentive schemes
  • Pension and insurances
  • Job evaluation/Job Levelling
  • Labour cost structure
  • Career Ladders
  • International mobility